Georgian & Victorian gates and railings

In the 15th century wrought iron railings started to appear and this material would be continued to be used up until the 1960’s, production costs and poor quality of materials forced major manufacturers to produce more Mild Steel. Cast iron railings and other cast iron products have been manufactured from the second half of the 18th century. From the Georgian period through to the Victorian period and even to the present day, railings and gates have been always been forged by blacksmiths like ourselves. Wrought iron railings were forged while foundry’s produced decorative cast iron finials, cast iron gate posts and cast iron panels to complement the railings. When installing, we practice traditional methods of using hot, molten lead to fix our railings into place. 

At Andrew Brind Ltd our team have over 100 different cast iron finals, cast iron gate posts and decorative cast iron panels from many periods of design available to order. Whilst working closely with heritage and conservation groups, we use use the best modern steels and cast iron products to manufacture gates and railings in our forge that will personally match your property.  

Andrew Brind Ltd not only offers our services in Yorkshire but nationwide, we provide free site visits and free quotations with no obligation. Available by appointment.

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